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How to Add/Install Google Analytics to Blogger?

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Tracking statistics of blog is one of the secret of successful blogs which is probably taken for granted. Every blogger wants to know about the audience visiting his/her blog i.e. about the time they spend on our blog, about their locations, their landing pages and so on. Blogger Stats Tab provides good information but not to the fullest. Google Analytics is the best and free option to know our audience in just a few clicks. It let us know almost each and everything a blogger wants to know about his/her audience. So today we will learn how we can add Google Analytics to our blogger blog.

Signing Up for Google Analytics :

  1. First off all, visit the Google Analytics sign up page and log in to your Google account.
  2. After signing-in to your Google Account you will be seen a page like the below image, simply click on Sign Up.
  3. Now in this step you have to enter your personal details like Website name, Website URL, Time zone and so on. 
  4. Fill the details and when done, hit the "Get Tracking ID" button and proceed to the next step.
  5. On pressing "Get Tracking ID' button, a new window will prompt, Which would consists of a Google analytics terms of service agreement. Careful read it and press "I Agree" button, and move to the next step.
  6. After agreeing to the agreement, the page will redirect you to a new page that would help in tracking your website. On the top, there will be a "Tracking ID" and on the bottom there would be a "Tracking JavaScript Code". Copy the Tracking ID which looks like UA-xxxxx-Y and head on to the next steps mentioned below.

Adding Google Analytics to Blogger (Blogspot) :

Now go to > Your Blog > Settings > Other > Google Analytics > and paste your Tracking ID in the text area as shown in the image below > Now Click on Save Settings.

You'are all done! 
I hope you successfully added Google Analytics to your blogger blog. Now you're all set to keep an eye on each and every visitor of your blog. 
If you have any query, simply write them in the comment box below.
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Anthony Festus on 30 December, 2017 said...

Thank you for this great article, I have successfully added/Installed Analytics to my Blogger Blog

Am grateful.

mydigitaltrain on 08 March, 2018 said...

thanks for sharing this type of helpful article . finally i installed google analytics on my blog mydigitaltrain

Capitanul Hook on 14 April, 2018 said...


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