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Custom Robots Header Tags Settings for Blogger (Blogspot)

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Every blogger wants huge organic traffic on his/her blog. For that we need to optimize our blog for search engine to increase the visibility of our blog. We can customize our blog pages for better SEO by telling search engines that what part of our blog they have to crawl and what not to. For that we also discussed previously custom robots.txt for blogger (blogspot) but thats not all. We need to take care of every SEO setting so that we can play well in search engines.
Custom Robots Header Tags not only specifies crawling way for search engines but also for open directories, indexing no images, not translating our pages, disabling search engines to save cached copy of our pages and so on. 
So lets start the tutorial.

What is Robots Header Tags? :

Firstly, we must know about what is robots header tags before adding them to our blog. So we will specify each option briefly here :

1. all : This tag allows crawlers to crawl your blog freely without any boundations.They can easily index, crawl and expose your contents.

2. noindex : This is for secret blogs like if your blog is for private use then you must try to hide the url from exposing it publicly. So this tag lets crawlers to stop crawling your blog.

3. nofollow : All your outbound links are dofollow by default. This let search engines creep upon your pages you page bounded to. If you don't want search engines to look at your outbound links then this tag will helps you.

4. none : It is a combination of noindex and nofollow. You can set it accordingly as per your needs.

5. noarchive : Search engines sometimes saved a copy of your blog pages and show it as cached copy. Enabling this tag do not let crawlers saved cached copy.

6. nosnippet : If you want to keep your post contents secret then you can enable this tag.

7. noodp : This tag disable crawling your blog by Open Directories.

8. notranslate : Enabling this tag do not allow translation of your blog pages.

9. noimageindex : As specified by the name, this tag disable indexing your blog images.

10. unavailable_after : This let webpage indexing after a specified time.

Now, I hope you understood the robots header tags. So now lets start adding these tags to your blog.

Adding Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger :

Simply follow the below steps to proceed with this.
Step 1: Visit and sign in to your account. 
Step 2: Then go to Settings >> Search preference. There you can see a setting called Custom robots header tags under Crawlers and Indexing. Click the Edit link.

Step 3: At this step, Click on Yes.

Step 4: Now, you will get a set of checkboxes. It looks complicated but trust me its not! Just refer to the below image for best settings.

Note: We can set this up for the homepage, archive pages, and post pages as well.#
Thats all! You have all done. 
If you face any difficulty let me know in comments.


Jan Bennett on 03 January, 2018 said...

Thank you so much for this - very helpful!
Can you please explain though why these are the best settings to select (step 4)? Only asking as I have no idea and would like to understand this more.

Hammad Ansari on 03 January, 2018 said...

@Jan Bennett
Hello and Welcome to BBeginner!
Let me tell you that these are best settings as they allow all crawlers to crawl your homepage, posts, and pages very well but blocked crawlers for crawling your search and archive pages as they are of no use to appear in search results.
Hope it helps.

Thanks and Stay Connected :)

Jan Bennett on 03 January, 2018 said...

Thank you!
Happy New Year to you :)

Unknown on 24 January, 2018 said...

thank you!
great information

Anonymous said...

thank you;

Anonymous on 18 March, 2018 said...

Is it only for blogspot users , OR any custom domain users can follow it ?

Rhoda Amapakabo on 11 April, 2018 said...

God bless you so much for this. Just knowing about this

Charles Oluchi on 06 June, 2018 said...

Great thanks. Just added mine to

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