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How to Delete Blogger (Blogspot) Blog Permanently?

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You are visiting this post because you want to delete your blogger blog or maybe you want to know how to delete a blogger blog permanently. Blogger is one of the best CMS platform for blogging as you can create upto 100 blogs without worrying about the bandwidth and hosting charges as hosting is provided by Google itself at no cost. There might be some solid reasons that you want to delete your blog. May it be that you are migrating to other CMS or maybe you are not able to maintain it. Whatever may be the reason, it is up to you. So today in this post, you will learn how to delete blogspot blog permanently.

Possible Reasons Why you want to Delete a blog :

The few possible reasons might be that you :
  • Migrating to other CMS.
  • Don't have time to manage blog anymore.
  • Don't like appearance of your blog. ( You can read my guide on changing blogger template. )
  • Want to keep Blogger dashboard neat and clean.
  • Own blog which is completely spammed now.
So let's start the tutorial how you can delete your blog.

How to Delete Blogger (Blogspot) Blog? :

Step 1: Login to your blogger account using your Google account.

Step 2: Click on setting button and choose “Other” located at the left side.

Step 3: Click on “delete blog” and this popup window will appear.

Step 4: You must ensure to completely backup your blogger blog. Once you’re done click on “Delete this blog”
  • Now your blogger blog will be deleted. 

  • You’ll find the list of all your deleted blog over. under your blog list. You will have 90 days to restore your blog and if you don’t do that it will be removed completely.
You may recover your blog under 90 days if you want to. Just move on to deleted blogs and click Undelete.
I hope you find this tutorial useful and understand its significance. If you feel any difficulty let me know in comments.


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