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How to Set Custom Redirects in Blogger?

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We always want a better and professional layout for our blog. For that we will try each and every tactic like custom page not found, creating full width page, hide navbar and so on. that can leads to a pro look of our blog. We must know that by default blogger creates permalink of our blog pages like ( but what if we can shorten it and give it more classy look. Yes, we can! Blogger provides a great default method to do so. Using Custom Redirects we can redirects our full length permalinks to a shorter one. May they be our old posts which we redirects to new post or our blog pages links. We can simply get a better and shorter url as ( Isn't it classy? Hehe! So lets start rolling your fingers to know how to apply this trendy thing to your blog.
You can check our contact page url for demo :

Setting Custom Redirects in Blogger : 

In our previous post, we have discussed about Custom 404 page, Now it's time to fix errors related to deleted or removed pages or posts.
  1. Go to your Blog Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences.
  2. Now Under Error and Redirections, you will see Custom Redirects.
  3. Click on edit link placed next to it.
  4. Then click New redirect and enter non-existing or removed post URL path followed by root domain in From block. (/your-shorten-keyword)
  5. Next enter the URL path followed by root domain in To block to where you would like to redirect. ( like /p/page.html or /20xx/xx/post-title.html )
For ease you can check the picture below :

Click Save changed and you're done!
This option will helps you to drive your old visitors to new relocated page or home page.
I hope you successfully understood what is custom redirects and how to use it effectively. Still if you have any query, let me know in comments or via contact page here.


Unknown on 23 January, 2018 said...

I am trying to do it as I have changed my blog name but "it says The source and destination values cannot be empty or more than 256 characters and must start with /."

I do not know where I am doing mistake

Hammad Ansari on 24 January, 2018 said...

@Faiza Tariq
You can only do Custom Redirects for a specific blog's URL. You cannot redirect old blog link to new blog link.

Custom Redirects are generally used to shorten and remember links.
Like, We've made a custom redirect for our Contact Page from to

Blackswan on 14 March, 2018 said...

Stumbled upon your post while googling for solutions as my 30 over Custom Redirects have disappeared. Any idea how I can retrieve them back? Thanks in advance!

Glenn on 21 April, 2018 said...

Custom redirects do not work anymore. For some reason Google changed this rule without telling anyone (typical Google). I changed my custom redirect from:


I selected `Permanent' and saved it. I checked the old url and it failed to redirect? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Unknown on 12 July, 2018 said...

hey, how could i redirect to

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