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How to Remove QuickEdit Wrench and Pencil Icons?

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You might have been aware of the quickedit icons in blogger. These icons are to help blog owners to edit the specific post/gadget directly from the blog in just one click. These quickedit icons are really beneficial if you have a blog having so many posts and also if you place widgets on your blog that needs to be updated regularly. But somehow many bloggers don't like these quickedit icons as they are not good-looking or maybe for any other reasons. You must know that these icons are only visible to blog owners and not to the visitors. So it will not leave any bad impact or disturb your visitors anyhow. By removing these icons you can clearly view your blog exactly like your visitors. So lets start learning the tutorial to remove these quickedit wrench and pencil icons from your blogger blog.
Below is the image appearance of the quickedit icons in your blogger blog, you can take a view at what we are discussing about :

Hiding Quick Editing Pencil Icon:

  1. To hide the quick edit pencil icon (seen below the post), just go to Blogger Dashboard>> layout. 
  2. Click the edit link for the blog posts widget.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox titled "Show Quick Editing" :
  4. Click on Save button.
That's it! You have successfully hide the pencil quickedit icons. Now lets move on to remove wrench quickedit icons.

Hiding Wrench QuickEdit Icons:

  1. To remove wrench icons, Got to your Template > Edit HTML.
  2. Now Search for </b:skin> tag. (for quick search use Ctrl+F) 
  3. Just paste the below CSS code before </b:skin> tag in your blog template :
  4. Save The Template! and You're Done!
Congrats! You have successfully removed wrench and pencil quickedit icons from your blogger blog. Now Its your turn to share your views regarding this tutorial via comment form below.

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If you face any difficulty you too can use the comment form and I will surely reply with the best possible solution for you. 


Ashish on 11 June, 2018 said...

well shared, Nice article ..i have also wrote an article about this on my blog : Ollupdate you can check it too thanks.

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