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How to Unlock and Remove Locked Blogger Widgets?

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Have you ever encounter with locked widgets in your blogger blog? Yes, every blogger had. Whenever you applied a new blogger template from a third party source then many widgets in that template have missing remove option as they are locked which makes them non-removable. In blogger default template too, you will find out many such widgets as navbar, powered by blogger attribution and so on. These widgets are locked using html and can easily be remove by making few changes in your blog's html. Today I will share those easy steps by which you can unlock locked widgets and remove them completely from your blogspot blog.

Removing Locked Widgets in Blogger (Blogspot) :

  1. First of all, you need to find out the unique Widget ID of the widget you want to remove, so move on to  Blogger Dashboard > Layout >  Edit the Widget which you want to remove.
  2. Now a popup window will appear, look for widgetid= in the address bar. Check the below picture for assistance.
  3. After finding the unique widget id copy and save it at a safe place.
  4. Now go to Blogger Dashboard Template > Edit HTML > Jump to Widget and then select the unique ID of  the widget you want to remove (which you’ve copied above).
  5. It will move you to the coding of your widget,then you need to make little changes in the coding of your widget. To make it more straightforward, change Locked='false' to Locked='true'. (Check the picture for help)
  6. After that, click on Save Template.
  7. Now go to Layout and again open the locked widget, this time you will be able to see the Remove button on the widget. Simply click on Remove button to remove that particular widget.

That's it! You're all done.

I hope your successfully remove the unwanted locked widget from your blogger blog. Now, I would like to receive your valuable comments using the comment form below. You can also drop me your queries through the contact page here.


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