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How to Disable Comments from Posts and Pages in Blogger?

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Comments are the best method to interact with your blog's readers and get their feedbacks and suggestions. That's why I always ended up my posts endorsing my visitors to leave their valuable comments. By default, blogger shows comment box on posts and static pages. We can hide comment when we have to create pages like contact page, about page and so on. Below I have listed some common reasons to disable comments in blogger blog.

Reason to disable comments on Blogger:

  • If any of your blog posts get older and already received too many comments, then you can stop comments and just show existing comments.
  • Static pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy and sitemap pages don’t need comments and so you need to disable comments.
  • If you receive too many spam comments then you can disable comments.
So, now let's start the tutorial on how to disable comments in blogger blog.

How to Disable comments on Blogger Posts and Pages:

Using this method you can enable or disable comments on specific blog page or post. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Login to your Blogger account and go to your Blogger blog dashboard.
  2. Select pages or posts that you want to disable or enable comments and click edit. (You can also create a new post or page)
  3. Now you will have your page or post editor.
  4. In the right sidebar, you will see page and post settings.
  5. Now click on options and you will see comment settings for that particular page or post.
  6. Select the preferred option and click done.
Don’t allow, show existing: In feature people cannot make comments on that page or post, but it shows the existing comments.

Don’t allow, hide existing: By enabling this option user can never make comments and never see comments.
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How to Disable Comments in All Posts and Pages at once?

You have the option by default to enable or disable comments on all posts and pages. If you don’t want anyone to receive comment on any of your blog posts and static pages then follow the below steps. 
  • In your Blogger dashboard, Go to Settings >> Posts and Comments.
  • In comment location you will have four options as mentioned below, let's understand them one by one.
Embedded: This is the default option that appears on all your pages. This options sets comment box below the content.

Full page: In each post, this option will set a link below which says “post a comment”. This link takes visitors to a separate page to make their comments.

Popup window:  In this option, the users will be making their comments on the popup window.

Hide: This is the option that you needed. By enabling this, the user cannot make comments on any pages. But existing comments still show up.
  • Click on Hide, if you want to completely hide comment box on all posts and pages.
Also, you can set who can comment? And enable comment moderation as well. I will surely complete the comment moderation topic in future posts.
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