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How to Disable Text Selection (Copy Paste) Excluding Blockquote in Blogger?

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Bloggers dedicate hours of hard work in writing a good blog post but some copycats simply copy and paste that post in few seconds on their blog, stealing their hard work without giving any credit to the original author. This is a very bad practice to do but most newbies do so. Remember, this could only be a short time happiness as search engines will soon identify the original copyrighted owner and unranked the copied one. So we must try to write a genuine and non-copied blog post. If someone copied your blog posts then you can complain it to DMCA but sometimes we got frustrated doing it again and again so here is a simple way to disable text selection by which you can reduce stealing your blog contents by copycats. So let's start the tutorial to disable text selection in blogspot blogs.
Using the below steps you can easily disable text selection in your blog posts. But this code will enable text selection in blockquote as almost all bloggers use blockquote to share some copy-able content.

How to Disable Text Selection on Blogger?

  1. Login to your blogger account and go to Blog Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Template Tab and Click on Edit HTML.
  3. Now Search for </b:skin> code in your Template HTML (Use Ctrl+F for quick finding)
  4. After that, copy the below codings and just paste it above </b:skin> tag.
  5. .post-body {
     -webkit-user-select : none ;
     -khtml-user-select : none ;
     -moz-user-select : none ;
     -ms-user-select : none ;
     user-select : none ;
    .post-body blockquote {
     -webkit-user-select : text ;
     -khtml-user-select : text ;
     -moz-user-select : text ;
     -ms-user-select : text ;
     user-select : text ;
  6. Click on Save Template and You're all done!
You have successfully disabled text selection in your blog post excluding the blockquote items. It will help you in getting rid of copycats who stole your hard work.
Whenever you have to add anything to your blog post which you want to let your visitors copy it (like any Coding, Promo Codes, Referral codes etc.), you can simply add that in blockquote.
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