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How to Create Beautiful Contact Us Page for Your Blog?

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Getting in touch with your audience is very crucial to understand your audience and to gain their trust by answering their messages and solving their queries. Blogger by default provides Contact widget which can be added through Layout section of your blog. The disadvantage of this widget is that it is not good looking and has very few columns. If you want a contact form for to create a Contact Page for your blog then you have to head on to third-party form builders. There are many online form builders but I prefer Formlets because of its good features. So today, I will guide you to create a beautiful and professional looking Contact page for your blog. 
The live preview of this contact page can be seen by clicking below:

How to Create Beautiful Contact Form? :

You just need to follow below simple steps to create a classic looking contact form for your blog. After creating the contact form, we will roll our fingers towards adding it to our blog.
  1. Go to and Click on Start now Forever Free> tab.
  2. Enter your details and click on Sign-up.
  3. Add a New Form and click on the fields you want in your contact form.
  4. After that, You can also add New page to your contact form (like Success Page) 
  5. Now after adding all required fields, click on "Share & Website Integration".
  6. Copy the all codings under "Deliver by Iframe"
Now let's head on to add this contact form to our blogger blog's contact page.
  • Go to your Blog Dashboard > Pages and Click on New Page.
  • Write "Contact Us" or something great title in Page Title.
  • Now, Paste the copied coding into the HTML tab of Page Editor.
  • You're all done! Click on Publish page.


>> You can combine it with Full-Width Page and Hide Sidebar on the particular page to give it more professional looks > Click here.

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