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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Google Adsense Approval Trick by BBeginner : Revealed

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Have you tried submitting Adsense approval again and again but never gets approval? Have you got frustrated by keeping changes to your website but still cannot comply your site with Adsense policies? Do you think you have a blog which follows full Adsense criteria but still Adsense keeps rejecting your application each time? If YES, then you're at a right place. Today I am going to share the most awaited Adsense Approval trick by which each and every blogger can get Google Adsense Approved Account by putting little efforts. I found people selling Adsense accounts at high prices and there's no way out for people who can't get Adsense approval so they agree to buy Adsense accounts at high prices. You can see such people on Facebook Buy and Sell groups. This is totally unfair for the one who has a good blog but no money to buy accounts and can monetize his/her contents. So, I will share the best Adsense Approval trick which I discovered a few days back. So without wasting much time, let's move on to the tutorial.

Monday, 2 October 2017

How to Create Beautiful Contact Us Page for Your Blog?

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Getting in touch with your audience is very crucial to understand your audience and to gain their trust by answering their messages and solving their queries. Blogger by default provides Contact widget which can be added through Layout section of your blog. The disadvantage of this widget is that it is not good looking and has very few columns. If you want a contact form for to create a Contact Page for your blog then you have to head on to third-party form builders. There are many online form builders but I prefer Formlets because of its good features. So today, I will guide you to create a beautiful and professional looking Contact page for your blog. 

Saturday, 23 September 2017

How to Place Adsense Ads Between All Posts in Blogger?

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No doubt, Google Adsense is the best pay per click advertising network which allows publishers to monetize their website and turn out their passion into a profession. But nowadays the problem with Adsense is its Click through Rate (CTR). You can see publishers everywhere, complaining about that they are getting very low CTR and hence they are unable to generate much revenue as per their potential. But today, I am going to share a great tutorial to add Adsense ads between posts in Blogger so that they can increase their revenue as well as CTR. Well, Do you know, which is the place on your website/blog where you get maximum impressions? Is it Header, Sidebar? Not at all, that place is between your posts. Every reader passed through the article he/she searched for. The main reason behind your low earning is poor ads optimization. So, lets' start the tutorial on how you add Adsense ads between all posts in blogspot.

Monday, 18 September 2017

How to Add Specific Featured Image/Thumbnail in Blogger?

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A post without thumbnail is like a bird without wings. Post thumbnail describes your post in a beautiful manner and if it is eye-catchy then you will also get more visitors on that particular post. A post thumbnail is an image which tells visitors about the exact topic you are going to cover in that post. By default, Blogger post editor fetches the first image as the featured image but you can customize it accordingly to your choice. So, In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can easily set a specific thumbnail as the featured thumbnail in your blogger blog posts.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How to Add Non Removable Credits Link?

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A combination of imagination and tasks is required to create a Blogger blog template. A template designer puts extreme efforts in designing a template. A template designer also devotes hours and hours to frame the design as well as put this imagined picture into codings. For the identity, almost all designers leave their credit link as the copyright of their hard work. But most of the newbies start blogging by copy-pasting others posts without giving any credit to the copyrighted author. Also, they want to remove the template designer's credit link from footer too. They don't understand the hard work and time designers devoted in designing the template. So today I am sharing a tutorial by which you can easily protect your hard work from stealers. I will guide you how you can add a non-removable credit link to your designations. If someone wants to remove it then his/her blog will redirect to your desired link and the only option to get rid of it is giving proper credits. so let's start the tutorial on how you can add non-removable credit links.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

How to Setup Freenom Domains (.tk, .ml, .cf, .ga, .gq) as Blogger Custom Domain?

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Adding a custom domain to your blog brings more professionality and increase your rankings in search engines. Adding a custom domain to your blogger blog will change your blog address from to,, or whatever domain extension you registered. Today I am going to share a great tutorial on how you can register free .tk, .ga, .gq, .cf, .ml domains for your blog and use it as a custom domain name in blogger. This will surely build a trust toward your visitors and increase your visitors count too as people prefer to visit a custom domain blog instead of a sub-domain. So let's start the tutorial on using freenom free domain names as blogspot blog's custom domain.

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